Tal Friedman is an actor and comedian. On completing his military service, Friedman enroled at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Theatre Studies where he met Moshe Ferster. Together, the pair created the hit 1988 nonsense stage show, Moshe’s Tales in the City (‘alilot moshe ba’ir hagdola’). In 1999, Friedman teamed up with fellow comedian, Eyal Kitzis, with whom he co-presented the cult programme Daydreaming with Kitzis (‘chalomot behakitzis’) that had a successful four-season run on Israeli broadcaster, Channel 2. In 2001, the pair joined the Beep Comedy Network where they co-created Touching Lunch (‘Laga’at Ba’Ochel’, Hebrew for ‘touching food’) a spoof of Israeli telenovela, Touching Love (‘laga’at ba’osher’, Hebrew for ‘touching happiness’.), and the quiz show, Crime and Punishment.
In 2003, following the premiere of comedy satire, A Wonderful Country (‘eretz nehederet’), Friedman joined the programme as a fulltime cast member where he would remain for the next 12 seasons. Although, despite having bowed out in the show’s 12th season, Friedman continued to make recurring guest appearances. Of the many beloved characters he had originated during his time on the show were Russian till girl, Luba; Omeletta; Chizki the tour guide, and Duba. At the same time, Friedman was also a frequent guest star on a range of TV shows including Scandal (‘sha’aruriya’), Nightclub (‘mo’adon layla’), and The Psychologist.
Highlights of his film credits include Driks’ Brother (Ori Inbar and Doron Tsabari, 1994), Schwartz Dynasty (Shmuel Hasfari and Amir Hasfari, 2004), Riki Riki (Eitan Anner, 2004), Joy (Julie Shles, 2005), This is Sodom (Adam Sanderson and Muli Segev, 2010), Not in Tel Aviv (Nony Geffen, 2012), Mossad (Alon Gur Arye, 2019), and The Electrifiers (Boaz Armoni, 2019).
Friedman also plays guitar with his rock and heavy metal band, Tal Friedman and the Fat Cats.


This is Sodom

Directed by Muli Segev, Adam Sanderson, 2010
זוהי סדום
Rental English subs.

90 min.


Riki Riki

Directed by Eitan Anner, 2005
ריקי ריקי

79 min.

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