The Last Sea

1 hour and 44 Minutes and 22 seconds , 1979
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The second part of Haim Gouri, Jacques Ehrlich, and David Bergman’s Holocaust trilogy. Where Part I in the trilogy ends with the Holocaust, this part picks up right at the end of the War, depicting the liberation of the camps and the Holocaust survivors’ journey to Israel – from their trials and tribulations across a decimated Europe, through their illegal immigration to Palestine during the days of British Mandatory Rule, and all the way to the Cyprus Internment Camps. Like its predecessor, this film too is comprised of archive footage with survivor testimonials providing faceless, voiceover narration. Not once will the images stand in stark contrast to the soundtrack: for instance, right at the very start, the film opens with footage from all over Europe showing ecstatic celebrations of the Allied Powers’ victory over Nazi Germany. However, these scenes are juxtaposed with the soundtrack in which the voice of a woman is heard explaining how she knew she ought to have felt happy but instead, all she could do was ask herself why she got to survive while others did not. (No Subtitles)

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