Haim Gouri (1923-2018) was a poet, lyricist, author, and filmmaker. As an author, Gouri came to be known as one of the most prominent voices of Israel’s founding, 1948 generation and in 1988, he was named Israel Prize laureate in the category of Hebrew Poetry. Highlights of his compositions include Bab al-Wad, The Song of Friendship (‘Hareut’), and The Ballad of Yitzhak Sadeh (‘Habalada al Yitzhak Sadeh’). After being urged by his friends from the Lohamei Hageta’ot kibbutz, Gouri turned to filmmaking and along with Jacques (Jacqo) Ehrlich and David Begman, they made a film trilogy about Holocaust survivors: The 81st Blow (1974) which was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category, The Last Sea (1979), and Flames in the Ashes (1985).


Flames in the Ashes

Directed by Haim Guri, Jacques Erlich, David Bergman, 1985
פני המרד

100 min.


The Last Sea

Directed by Haim Guri, Jacques Erlich, David Bergman, 1979
הים האחרון
Rental English subs.

104 min.

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