The Joan-Sourasky Constantiner Jewish & Holocaust Cinema Collection

Flames in the Ashes

100 Minutes, 1985
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Production:Monia Avrahami
Production Company:Ghetto Fighters' House
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The third and final part of Haim Gouri, Jacques Ehrlich, and David Bergman’s Holocaust trilogy. Flames in the Ashes focuses on Jewish resistance across Europe during WWII with the explicit goal of breaking down the myth of European Jews allegedly having been led like lambs to slaughter. Like its predecessors, this film too is made up of archive footage with survivor testimonials providing voiceover narration. All throughout the film, not once are their faces shown. One survivor whose voice is heard in the course of the film ponders: who is the greater hero – those who stood up in defiance and rebellion against the Nazi occupiers, or the ones who followed their families to their deaths, sticking by them all the way to the very end? (No Subtitles)

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