Zur Hadasim

1 hour and 42 Minutes and 8 seconds , 1999
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Directed by: Gideon Kolirin
Cast: Danny Steg, Orly Ben-Garti, Dafna Rechter, Albert Iluz, Samuel Calderon
Etti, a shy, quiet girl is dealing with a most unexpected pregnancy. Saul, her partner, is a man of many solutions and zero knowledge. Etti is convinced they do have a future together, but that doesn't quite align with Saul's own dreams. After conferring with ‘The Armenian,’ a Romanian with a penchant for kebabs and drugs, Saul decides to hit abort on Etti's plans and go after his own dream, bigtime. And they almost pull off their plan, except Saul and The Armenian fail to take a couple of things into account.
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