Day and Night - At Nes Harim

Night at the Frontline Settlement Nes Harim

1 Minute, 1955
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Photographer: Shlomo Suriano
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An excerpt from Day and Night, a documentary produced by Prime Minister’s Office’s Minhal Ha’hasbara, describing the first years of the settlement Nes Harim.
Every night, Nes Harims residents guard the new settlement, located a few kilometers off the Jordanian border. By nightfall, the guards head to their posts and are briefed by Border Police officers. To protect against fedayeen attacks, the rest of the settlers shut themselves away in their homes, shutter their windows, and even lock their horses’ legs in chains.
(Directors and scriptwriters: Dahn Ben Amotz and Haim Hefer; cameraman: Shlomo Suriano; editor: Stanley Russel; music performed by: Shlomo Moshe Ben Binyamin Koisanjak; production company: Herzliya Film Studios LTD)


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