57 Minutes, 2018
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Directed by: Boris Maftsir
Languages: Russian, Hebrew
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This film by Boris Maftsir is part of the director’s documentary megaproject, Searching for the Unknown Holocaust, in which he traces the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators in the countries that comprised the former USSR.
Through a series of interviews with a handful of survivors, witnesses, a historian, and a woman who made the Righteous Among the Nations list, Maftsir explores the Crimean chapter of the Holocaust when the Germans conquered the peninsula in WWII, in the hopes of turning into a ‘Third Reich German Riviera’ of sorts that would be known as Gotenland, i.e. the land of Goths – a name that references the historical presence of Gothic tribes in the region, thereby giving merit to the Nazis’ so-called rightful claim to the territory.
The film follows the deportations, prosecutions, and mass murders that took place in Crimea between 1941-1942 where pre-Nazi occupation, over 65,000 Jews had lived.

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