101 Minutes, 1972
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Directed by: George Obadiah
Cast: Yona Elian, Sassi Keshet, Tova Katzav, Jacques Cohen, Arieh Elias
Production:George Obadiah
Photographer: Yehiel Neeman
Original Music: Albert Piamenta
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

George Obadiah’s beloved tearjerker musical melodrama split opinions across the board: on the one hand, you had the critics who poured all the scorn and disdain they could muster up, and on the other – the viewers, who stormed the cinemas by the droves. Upwards of 700,000 people are said to have watched Nurith in the cinema.
Shoshana and Moshe are in love. She comes from a wealthy background whereas he is a poor, working class lorry driver. Despite the deep class divide, not to mention Shoshana’s father’s fierce objections, the two decide to marry. One day, Moshe goes off on a work trip. Later, the news breaks: there’d been an accident, the lorry overturned, and Moshe has died. A pregnant Shoshana decides to take her own life. Thus begins a tragic chain of mistakes which, not unlike Romeo and Juliet (other than the happy ending, that is), will change their lives forever. Shoshana doesn’t realise that Moshe is, in fact, very much alive. Meanwhile, he too is of the impression that she is dead. Each of the two ‘bereaved’ lovers goes on with their lives separately. Shoshana gives birth to their daughter, Nurith, who later loses her eyesight in an accident. The years go by, until one day Nurith has a chance encounter with Moshe. Now a famous singer, Moshe pays for the operation that will restore her vision. Shoshana and Moshe finally see each other again on the eve of his wedding – which he eventually bails out on – and go on to have the most joyous of reunions.
Nowadays, the film is mostly remembered for its soundtrack which featured the hit songs Near, Far (‘karov, rachok’), and There are People in the World (‘anashim yesh ba’olam’), and also for the fact that its two leads, Yona Elian and Sassi Keshet, met on set and later got married.
In 1983, Obadiah directed the sequel, Nurith 2, however the film failed to recapture its predecessor’s success.

ביקורת של נתן גרוס, על המשמר, 11.08.1972 ביקורת של זאב רב־נוף, דבר, 11.08.1972 בידורת של אהרון דולב, מעריב, 14.08.1972

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