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58 Minutes, 2002
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Directed by: Nurit Kedar
Production:Dan Setton
Production Company:SET Productions, Israel Film Service, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Noga Communications
Photographer: Dror Moreh
Original Music: Tal Yardeni
Languages: Hebrew,
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On a Sabbath eve in April 1978, Marcus Weinstein and his wife Clara were eating with friends. The door opened suddenly and at the entrance stood soldiers. One aimed a gun at the head of Clara. “Who is the father?”, they asked. Marcus replied: “I am.” “Filthy Jew,” they shouted at him, “we know where your son is, but you’ll take us to him”. Thus begins the film Asesino – with a story of the sacrifice of Isaac. Laura Braunstein saw three of her four children disappear; Sarah Ross survived Auschwitz but lost Daniel, her only son, in Argentina; Anne Marie and Mario managed to survive the brutal torture of the Generals’ concentration camps.
These are some of the thousands who knocked on the doors of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. They could appeal to but one address for assistance: the State of Israel. While ignoring the political situation in Argentina, Israel sold weapons and military equipment to the Junta of the generals there. 30,000 young people disappeared, including 3,000 Jews. Only in June 1983 did the Knesset hold a special session to discuss the disappearance of Jews in Argentina. In 1983—the military government in Argentina was finally overturned. All of the members of the army involved in torture and murder were given amnesty. But the “Mothers of the Plaza”, Jews and non-Jews—still protest and search for their children.

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