One Shot

60 Minutes, 2004
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Directed by: Nurit Kedar
Production:Dror Moreh
Photographer: Dror Moreh, Gabi Muati
Language: Hebrew
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Israeli society is a society torn apart by many issues. One of the most severe is the recent war with the Palestinians. Some think this war is a crime; the Israeli army is accused of violent confrontations, crimes against humanity and murder. Others think this is another extension of the Dreyfus Trial – the Israeli soldiers being accused unjustifiably for righting injustices that were committed against them. Out of this heated and charged atmosphere we have placed the camera in front of the Israeli Reserves snipers, for the first time ever. The sniper doesn’t perform a different job than the pilot, the tanker, or gunman. But there is something in the image of the sniper, which makes him seem more of a murderer. The sniper is the only soldier who sees the ”white of his victim’s eyes”. The image of the gun, the bullet and the man behind them who waits patiently and calmly, in the quiet darkness in order to fulfill the command and shoot one single shot. Being 18 years old looking through the telescope and shooting makes these boys feel like real heroes. Years later it hits them back, they don’t believe to what they have done, they murdered!

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