The Smile of the Lamb

1 hour and 36 Minutes and 18 seconds , 1986
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Directed by: Shimon Dotan
Production: Dotan / Aroch Film Production
Cast: Tuncel Curtis, Rami Danon, Danny Muggia, Iris Hoffman, Muhamad Dib, Micah Lewensohn

The film adaptation of a novel by David Grossman, at the heart of which are three individuals; each of whom sheds light from a different angle on the sheer futility and dangers that lie in Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank. Katzman is a government officer who used to pontificate about an “enlightened occupation.” Leniado, his best friend, is a military doctor who personifies the very absurdity of his own job title. Then, there is
Hilmi, whose adopted son turned to terrorism and was subsequently shot by Israeli security forces. The latter takes his physician friend hostage and threatens to execute him unless Israeli forces withdraw at once from the Occupied Territories.

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