Growing Pains

83 Minutes, 1980
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Directed by: Zeev Revach
Cast: Doron Tzioni, Dalia Shimko, Yossi Graber, Sharon Alexander, Ilan Dar, Gary Eckstein
Production:Yisrael Ringel, Yair Pradelski
Production Company:Roll Films Ltd.
Photographer: Nissim (Nicho) Leon
Original Music: Gary Eckstein
Language: Hebrew
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Actor-director Zeev Revach’s teen comedy remains the only film he has ever directed but not appeared in. Doron, who comes from a working-class family in the South Tel Aviv slums, meets ‘rich girl’ Susie at a party. Susie, who lives in the wealthy northern part of the city, is there with her boyfriend Sharon – also a ‘northern boy’ from a well-to-do family. Doron falls in love with Susie and invites her and her mates to a party in his mansion, over in the ultrarich suburb of Savion – only the mansion isn’t really his, but actually belongs to a family who his friend, Michal, babysits for.
At the party, ‘northerners’ and ‘southerners’ let their hair down and party together – boogeying, boozing, and taking drugs with abandon. But in the cold light of day, whatever differences and divides that had blurred the previous night, come back into sharp focus to tear them apart again. Doron returns to his supermarket job and then joins the military. On the van, in his uniform, he notices Susie who has come to say her goodbyes.
The film soundtrack was put together by Gary Eckstein who even appears in a number of scenes playing himself, singing, and performing. Notably, actor Sharon Alexander is credited as ‘Sharon Cohen.’

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