Adama (Land)

55 Minutes, 2008
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Directed by: Iftach Shevach
Production Company:TransFax Film Productions
Photographer: Ran Aviad
Original Music: Chaim Frank Ilfman
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The film follows the mythical Nahalal rural community (‘Moshav’), while focusing on its veteran farmers who must grapple with intergenerational conflict and the harsh survival rates of their only known source of livelihood.
In recent years, economic shifts have forced local families to recalibrate and adapt to a new reality. For countless families in these small, agricultural communities, these changes have spelt a profound familial and financial crisis, fast-tracking the breaking point for many. Agricultural work is Sisyphean by nature and as such, is best suited for the young and able-bodied. Nahalal’s elders realise that this may well be the last year they are able to work their gardens and fields, and to see their crops through to harvest season. The next generation, meanwhile, have opted to break the famous Nahalal cycle and are now setting their sights to new modes of agricultural practices, away from the community and the Moshav. Their parents, however, struggle to come to terms with their life’s work imminent demise. Refusing to bow down to their age, they insist on working to their dying day. The film pays tribute to this founding generation of farmers: those visionary champions of the land. Adama is a story of separation, and of the relationship between a farmer and their land that is now coming to an end.


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