The Israel Film Fund Collection

The Belly Dancer

89 Minutes, 2006
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Directed by: Marek Rozenbaum
Production:Marek Rozenbaum
Production Company:TransFax Film Productions
Photographer: Valentin Belanogov
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

Debbie, an ambitious, young belly dancer, decides to take part in a heist organised by her lover, Yaki, and the nightclub owner where she performs, who goes by the nickname, ‘Goldie.’ Having successfully opened the vault, instead of dollars and diamonds, all three are astonished to find a collection of precious, religious artefacts inside. Debbie is further disappointed when she later finds out Yaki has been cheating on her. She devotes herself to Goldie who promises to advance her career. From then on, the plot thickens and Debbie is forced to juggle the two men until she is finally able to fulfil her dreams.

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