Uri Klauzner is a film and television actor who had his big break when he was cast in Assi Dayan’s 1992 film, Life According to Agfa, playing the part of Moshe, the chav. Chavvy Moshe was part of Levy and Malka’s trio (played by Shmil Ben Ari and Rivka Neumann) – All supporting characters in Life According to Agfa which Dayan would later promote to main protagonists in his follow-up film, Electric Blanket. For his part in the film, Klauzner earned an Ophir nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category.
Highlights of his TV series credits include Tik Sagur (‘closed case’), Jaffa Pictures, Our Song, Miluim (‘reserve duty’), Galis, and The Arbitrator. Highlights of his film credits include Kadosh (Amos Gitai, 1999), Kippur (Amos Gitai, 2000), Desperado Square (Benny Toraty, 2001), Year Zero (Joseph Pitchhadze, 2004), The Ballad of the Weeping Spring (Benny Toraty, 2012), and Afterthought (Elad Keidan, 2015). Kaluzner’s performance in Afterthought won him the Best Actor Award from the Israeli Film Critics Association.


The Belly Dancer

Directed by Marek Rozenbaum, 2006

89 min.


Year Zero

Directed by Joseph Pitchhadze, 2004
שנת אפס

130 min.



Directed by Amos Gitai, 2000

120 min.

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