Yuval Segal is an Israeli actor. Segal began his career as a model. After graduating from the Yoram Loewenstein’s Performing Arts Studio, he began appearing in a host of TV, film, and theatre productions. His theatre CV features appearances on some of Israel’s leading stages including the Cameri, Habima, and Beit Lessin theatres. Segal has starred in many TV series, including Tironoot (‘basic training’), On any Saturday, Ha-Chaim ze lo Ha-Kol (‘life isn’t everything’, seasons 5-6), The Orpheus Project, Fauda, Batel the Virgin (the Israeli adaptation of Jane the Virgin) and the sketch show, Shorts. Segal is the creator of TV series Taxi Driver (aka Texi Driver) in which he also starred. Highlights of his film credits include: Gift from Above (Dover Kosashvili, 2003), The Belly Dancer (Marek Rozenbaum, 2005), It All Begins at Sea (Eitan Green, 2008), Zero Motivation (Talia Lavie, 2014), Indoors (Eitan Green, 2016), and The Other Story (Avi Nesher, 2018).



Directed by Eitan Green, 2016
חדרי הבית
Rental English subs.

109 min.


Zero Motivation

Directed by Talia Lavie, 2014
אפס ביחסי אנוש
Rental English subs.

101 min.


It All Begins at Sea

Directed by Eitan Green, 2008
הכל מתחיל בים
Rental English subs.

96 min.


She's Got It

Directed by Yaakov (Yankul) Goldwasser, 2006
אין לה אלוהים

90 min.


The Belly Dancer

Directed by Marek Rozenbaum, 2006

89 min.


Gift from Above

Directed by Dover Kosashvili, 2003
מתנה משמיים

113 min.

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