In The End Of Days

50 Minutes, 1990
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Directed by: Amnon Teitelbaum
Production:Shmuel Altman, David Schitz
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Ofer Inov
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic
| Subtitles not available

Jerusalem after the Six-Day War of 1967: a city in a state of pre-messianic tensionThere were Jews who saw the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty as the beginning of the Redemption. Some busy themselves preparing sacred vessels against the day of the building of the Third Temple on the Temple MountMany Christians saw the war as the fulfilment of prophecies in Daniel and Zachariah, which predict, to their mind, the Second Coming of Christ. And Moslem fundamentalists believed that from this nadir in Islamic history the way would be opened for a renascence of the Grand Islamic CaliphateAll three great monotheistic religions claim the cityand for all Jerusalem has a critical role to play in their apocolyptic visions of the end of days.

‘In the End of Days’ is a documentary which examines the different visions that have surfaced close to each other in these days of IntifadaIn their search for representatives of the messianic movements, the filmmakers have deliberately avoided sensationalism. Eschewing Jerusalem’s madmen, they have interviewed those whose views are based on the holy books in which they believe. This approach only serves to highlight the threat under which the city liesWith much justification the film could have been called ‘Apocalypse Now!


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