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99 Minutes, 1996
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Directed by: Moshe Mizrachi
Production:Michael Sharfstein, Amitan Menelzon
Production Company:Movit Productions Ltd., Tel Aviv
Photographer: Amnon Zlayet
Language: Hebrew
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The Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, at the close of the 19th century. Rivka is married to her chosen love, Yaacov Elhanan of the “Beit-El” Kabbalists. Their love is deep and great, but a shadow hangs over them, for searching, Rivka, hoping to carry on her husband’s name, turns to her relative, the widow Vida Di Pinso, and asks her to let her daughter, Sultana, marry Yaacov. Yaacov is totally opposed to his wife’s plan. But Rivka is insistent and when he realizes that she is acting out of love and deep faith, he gives in and marries SultanaBut is life, and within this triangle things don’t turn out exactly the way Rivka had imagined them.
Women deals with the universal issues of love jealousy, barrenness and the yearning for a child – whose roots lie in the Bible (Sara and Hagar, Rachel and Leah) – and raises eternal questions: What is the true essence of love? What is the power of faith? Is it possible to live without love? Like one of Mizrahi’s previous films: I Love You Rosa, this story also takes place within the Jerusalem Sephardi community of the last century and has the same haunting quality of an ancient legend.

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