Bring Out the Girls to Eilat

1 hour and 25 Minutes and 59 seconds , 1964
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod, Leo Filler
Production: Carmel Films Production Company
Cast: Eva Leon, David Ram, Shlomo Bar-Shavit, Uri Levi , Yael Drouyanoff, Elisheva Michaeli, Raphael Klatchkin

Israeli film pioneer, Nathan Axelrod teamed up with Leo Filler to co-direct Girls Paradise, Eilat!, a comedy at the heart of which is Shlomo, a local Eilatian bachelor who is in search of a bigger flat where he can conduct his experiments with a revolutionary cooling machine he had invented. Eilat, however, is in the grips of a housing crisis, meaning only couples are eligible to apply for bigger council flats. The only problem is, Eilat is also very much in short supply of single women. With that in mind, Shlomo decides to try his luck in Tel Aviv and heads to the big city. From that point on, the plot only further thickens.

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