Nathan Axelrod (1905-1987) was a cinematographer, director, producer, and a founding member of the local film industry. Axelrod was born in Belarus and after immigrating to Palestine in 1926, he began producing short films for the Jewish Agency and the British authorities who, at the time, ruled the land. In 1933, he shot the film Oded Hanoded (‘wandering Oded’) directed by Chaim Halachmi – the first feature-length, narrative fiction film ever made in the country, that also became a box office hit. In 1935, he founded Carmel Films and the company began producing the Carmel Newsreels on a weekly basis. Those were shown regularly at cinemas until 1971, ahead of the main event (from the 1950s, the reels were rebranded, The Carmel Herzliya Newsreels.)
Axelrod was the only cinematographer to have captured the actual Israeli Declaration of Independence. In the years following the establishing of the state, he continued producing his newsreels whilst at the same time, making a string of unsuccessful narrative fiction films. Highlights of his film credits include The True Story of Palestine (1962) which he co-directed with Uri Zohar and Joel Silberg, and Girls’ Paradise Eilat (1965) which he co-directed with Leo Filler.


Bring Out the Girls to Eilat

Directed by Nathan Axelrod, Leo Filler, 1964
הבו בנות לאילת

85 min.


The True Story of Palestine

Directed by Nathan Axelrod, Uri Zohar, Joel Silberg, 1962
עץ או פלסטיין
Rental English subs.

64 min.


Don Quixote and Saad Pancha

Directed by Nathan Axelrod, 1956
דן וסעדיה
English subs.

89 min.


Upon the Ruins

Directed by Nathan Axelrod, Alfred Wolf, 1938
מעל החורבות
English subs.

71 min.


Ron Lapid - Founder of Burgeranch

Directed by Leo Filler, 1974
רון לפיד - מייסד והבעלים של "בורגראנץ

2 min.


The Surrender of the Egyptian Destroyer

כניעת המשחתת המצרית

1 min.


Carmel Newsreel I-221, June 15, 1940

Directed by Nathan Axelrod
יומן כרמל I-221 מיום15 ביוני, 1940

5 min.


Carmel Newsreel I-117, December 13, 1937

Directed by Nathan Axelrod
יומן כרמל I-117, מיום 13 בדצמבר, 1937

5 min.


Carmel Newsreel I-115, November 29, 1937

Directed by Nathan Axelrod
יומן כרמל I-115, מיום 29 בנובמבר, 1937

7 min.


Carmel Newsreel I-114, November 22, 1937

Directed by Nathan Axelrod
יומן כרמל I-114, מיום 22 בנובמבר, 1937

6 min.

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