Aviva, My Love

1 hour and 46 Minutes and 49 seconds , 2006
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Directed by: Shemi Zarhin
Production: Evanstone FIlms Ltd., Tel Aviv
Cast: Rotem Abuhab, Asi Levi, Sasson Gabai, Levana Finkelstein, Dror Keren, Natan Ravitz, Dana Ivgy, Itay Turgeman

Life has steered Aviva miles off course from her dream of becoming an author and straight into the Tiberias hotel kitchen where she works. Aviva writes stories inspired by her own life experiences on which she collaborates with an A-list Tel Aviv author who promises to help realise her dreams. Indeed, the road to fulfilling this dream is full of bumps, painful revelations, and rude awakenings – all of which force Aviva to take a long, hard look at her relationship with her unemployed husband, her mentally frail mother who is gradually becoming dissociated from reality, her resentful daughter who is in the army, her depressive, misguided son, and her meddlesome, busybody sister.
Aviva, my Love enjoyed both commercial and critical success. It was shown at countless festivals round the world where it took home multiple awards including Best Screenplay at the Chicago and Shanghai International Film Festival. The film also won Best Screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival whilst leading lady, Assi Levy took home the Best Actress award. The film won an additional six Ophir awards, including Best Film and Best Directing.

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