Osnat (Assi) Levy is a film, television, and stage actress. Graduate of the Yoram Loewenstein Acting School, Levy has won two Ophir Awards (for her film roles in Urban Feel and Aviva, my Love), the Israeli Theatre Award (for her performance in the play, Mother of Him), and the Israeli Television Academy Award (for her role in the original version of TV series, In Treatment). Since the mid-1990s, Levy has made a name for herself as one of Israel’s most sought after actresses, owing to her roles in a slew of films and television series: Jaffa Pictures (Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzki, 1995), The Bourgeoisie (Asaf Tzipor & Eitan Zur, 2004), Avanim (Raphaël Nadjari, 2004), Room Service (Eitan Anner, 2009), Encirclements (Lee Gilat, 2015), Wedding Doll (Nitzan Giladi, 2015), Longing (Savi Gabizon, 2017), Flawless (Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon, 2018) and many more.


Aviva, My Love

Directed by Shemi Zarhin, 2006
אביבה אהובתי
Rental English subs.

102 min.



Directed by Raphael Nadjari, 2004
Rental English subs.

112 min.


The Investigation Must Go On

Directed by Marek Rozenbaum, 2000
הבולשת חוקרת

93 min.

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