Big Gus, What's the Fuss?

82 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman, Ami Artzi
Cast: Joseph (Bomba) Tzur, Yosef Shiloach, Ilan Dar, Gideon Zinger, Mona Silberstein, Sassi Keshet
Production Company:Shoval Film Production
Photographer: Hassa Wollich
Original Music: Beni Nagari
Language: Hebrew
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A comedy, at the centre of which is Detective Schwartz and his assistant, Simha; both of whom are hired by Dr. Lux to follow his wife and find out if she is, in fact, cheating on him. The two bumbling and utterly unprofessional detectives end up getting themselves caught up in all kinds of shenanigans and mayhem with the likes of two Polish theatre actors (played by Uri Zohar and Elisheva Michaeli), a Don Corleone-esque mobster (played by Dubi Gal), and others. Israeli Middle Eastern soul singer, Boaz Sharabi pops up for a cameo in the wedding scene.

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