Young Love

1 hour and 27 Minutes and 22 seconds , 1982
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Directed by: Michal Bat-Adam
Cast: Ilan Dar, Einat Helfman, Osnat Farago, Esther Zewko, Gill Dontchevsky

Michal Bat-Adam’s autobiographical film tackles the trials and tribulations of kibbutz children’s first love; all their jealousies, intrigue, and scheming; their spitefulness and gloating, but also friendship and loyalty – all through the eyes of Aya; a young Tel Avivian girl who is sent to spend the year in a kibbutz. The film explores the clash of Israeli society’s then-prominent conflicting cultures at a time when the kibbutz still played a key role in Israeli life. Bat-Adam examines the relationship between the urban outsider the local country girl, whilst highlighting their differences and underlying tensions.

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