Our Beds are Burning

61 Minutes, 2020
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Directed by: Igal Bursztyn
Cast: Avi Mograbi, Doron Tsabari, Danny Muggia, Doron Tavory, Rami Baruch, Pini Tavger, Shira Farber
Production:Igal Bursztyn
Photographer: Roni Katzanelson
Language: Hebrew
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“Fascism is an ideal that will not let us rest” (Giovanni Gentile). With this quote, Yigal Bursztyn’s opens his film ‘essay’ in which he walks a fine line between narrative fiction and documentary. Bursztyn observes his flat, the street, the beach, Tel Aviv, and Israeli society as a whole and asks, “how much longer can all this last?” He ponders the gap between the love of one’s country and the descent into totalitarianism, fascism and dictatorship, and explores the manner in which history shapes both present and future. This, he goes about doing by featuring numerous texts and ideas by nationalist philosophers; the majority of whom were 19th and 20th century Europeans such as Mussolini and Hitler, alongside texts from Israeli hardline nationalists including Rehavam Ze’evi and Israel Eldad. The texts are narrated by a host of actors, filmmakers, and intellectuals, against the contemporary backdrops of Tel Aviv. The film is also accompanied by the director’s own voiceover narration and a selection of archival footage, including a scene from his film Yeshayahu Leibowitz in Ma’a lot (1982) in which Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz is heard saying that Israel could end up facing a civil war, and that it may well be a necessary evil.

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