Dalia and the Sailors

1 hour and 48 Minutes and 4 seconds , 1964
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Directed by: Menahem Golan
Cast: Veronique Vendell, Shaike Ophir, Shraga Freedman, Oded Teomi, Gideon Zinger, Arik Einstein, Yaakov (Yankale) Ben Sira, Joseph (Bomba) Tzur
Menahem Golan's 1964 film is a fine-tuned comedy about an Israeli emigrant’s daughter who decides to leave Canada and move back to Israel. She makes her way to Israel as a stowaway on board a Haifa-bound Israeli freighter. When the ship’s sailors start noticing their personal belongings have been going missing, they set out to apprehend the thief and eventually, discover their stowaway. Taken with Dalia, they decide to hide her from the Captain and his officers. The film boasts an impressive cast, including members of the Hayarkon Bridge music trio (Arik Einstein, Benny Amdorsky and Yoram Gaon.) Starring Shaike Ophir and French actress, Veronique Wendell.

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