I Like Mike

1 hour and 46 Minutes and 40 seconds , 1961
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Directed by: Peter Frye
Cast: Batia Lancet, Zeev Berlinsky, Gideon Zinger, Chaim Topol, Ilana Robina, Geula Nuni, Avner Hizkiyahu
Mrs. Yaffa Arieli dreams of marrying off her daughter to an American millionaire, but the young Tamar is already hung up on a military combat officer. The mother's brother, a hippie cabby, one day picks up a fare – his passenger, Michael (aka Mike), is the son of a Texan millionaire and is in Israel on a quick visit. On his way to Israel, whilst leafing through an Israeli magazine, Mike was mesmerised by the photo of a female soldier of Yemenite origins and has vowed to find her; a plan which of course completely clashes with Ms. Arieli’s, who is now putting pressure on Mike to give her daughter a chance. Peter Frye's 1961 film, starring Haim Topol, was the first Hebrew-speaking film, set in Israel, to become a box office hit.
ספר הקולנוע הישראלי ויקיפדיה IMDB עיתונות יהודית היסטורית עיתונות יהודית היסטורית

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