Geula Nuni (1942-2012) was a successful actress and singer who mostly appeared in films and onstage. Nuni started doing theatre in her teens and even before enlisting in the army and joining its musical ensemble, Lehakat Hanachal, she starred in the box-office hit, I Like Mike (Peter Frye, 1961.) Nuni later joined Israel’s national theatre, Habima and went on to star in the hit musical, Irma la Douce which gave her huge public exposure. In 1964, she appeared in Ephraim Kishon’s Sallah, that would become one the most successful Israeli films of all time. She later continued appearing in a long list of films including A Night in Tiberias (Herve Bromberger, 1965), Is Tel Aviv Burning? (Kobi Jaeger, 1967), Charlie and a Half (Boaz Davidson, 1974), Tzanani Family (Boaz Davidson, 1976), Sweet and Sour (Zeev Revach, 1979), A Thousand and One Wives (Michal Bat Adam, 1989), Buskila Twins (Ze’ev Revach, 1998), and Sima Vaknin Witch (Dror Shaul, 2003).


Tzanani Family

Directed by Boaz Davidson, 1976
משפחת צנעני

92 min.


Charlie and a Half

Directed by Boaz Davidson, 1973
Rental English subs.

96 min.


Old Age Is Makeup

Directed by Bella Baram, 1966
הזיקנה היא איפור

13 min.


A Night in Tiberias

Directed by Herve Bromberger, 1965
פיצוץ בחצות

80 min.


Sallah Shabati

Directed by Ephraim Kishon, 1964
סאלח שבתי
Rental English subs.

111 min.


I Like Mike

Directed by Peter Frye, 1961
איי לייק מייק
Rental English subs.

106 min.

Short Film

Land of Legends

Directed by Georges Pessis
ארץ הצבר

28 min.

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