Alex Ansky is an Israeli radio presenter and actor. Born in Bulgaria, Anski’s father, Eliezer Ansky, was a theatre director and the founder of Bamatenu (‘our stage’) Theatre – the children’s offshoot of the Ohel Theatre, where Ansky cut his acting teeth as a boy. As a young adult, Ansky trained at Habima National Theatre’s Dramatic Studio. He is notably the father of popular gastronomist and TV presenter, Michal Ansky.
Since the 1970s, Ansky has been presenting a host of radio programmes, mostly on popular military radio station, Galei Tzahal, where he was also head of the presenters’ division. Two of the programmes his name has become chiefly synonymous with were Historical Hour, and Seven – Zero – Zero.
Ansky has appeared on virtually every repertoire theatre stage across the country. Highlights of his stage credits include Alfie, Little Malcom (and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs), Antigone, Pygmalion, and The Deputy. In 2014, he starred in the critically-acclaimed, hit one-man show, Falling Live.
Highlights of his TV credits include Our Song, Screenz, Mossad 101 (aka ‘Ha-midrasha’), I Never Promised you (aka ‘lo hivtachti lach’), and Split.
Highlights of his film credits include 42:6 – Ben Gurion (David Perlov, 1969), Brothers (Igaal Niddam, 2008), Maya (Michal Bat-Adam, 2010), Bulgarian Rhapsody (Ivan Nichev, 2014), Bird in the Room (Ari Davidovich, 2015), An Israeli Love Story (Dan Wolman), and Madam Yankelova’s Fine Literature Club (Guilhad Emilio Schenker, 2017)


An Israeli Love Story

Directed by Dan Wolman, 2015
סיפור אהבה ארץ ישראלי
Rental English subs.

95 min.



Directed by Michal Bat-Adam, 2010
Rental English subs.

92 min.

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