Doron Nesher is an actor, author, filmmaker, and television and radio host who, in the 1990s had one of Israel’s most famous and instantly-recognisable faces and voices. In the early ‘80s, Nesher starred in the films INDIAN IN THE SUN (Ram Loevy, 1981) and REPEAT DIVE (Shimon Dotan, 1982). Then, in 1987, he wrote the screenplay for Renen Schorr’s hit film, LATE SUMMER BLUES. Nesher was a prolific director in the world of advertising. He had directed numerous television news stories, as well as the documentary about Israeli musician, Shlomo Gronich, THE MAN WHO CAME FOR A FEW NOTES (1995) and the feature film, THE LEGEND OF THE SILENT MAN (1999). His books include the collection of poems, DEATH-FLAVOURED ICE CREAM (1992) and novel, SOME GUY FROM RAANANA (2001).


The Legend of the Silent Man

Directed by Doron Nesher, 1998
אגדת האיש ששתק

91 min.


Late Summer Blues

Directed by Renen Schorr, 1987
בלוז לחופש הגדול
Rental English subs.

101 min.


Repeat Dive

Directed by Shimon Dotan, 1982
צלילה חוזרת
English subs.

89 min.

Student Film

The Battle of Fort Williams

Directed by Renen Schorr, 1981
הקרב על מבצר וויליאמס

23 min.

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