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Late Summer Blues

101 Minutes, 1987
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Directed by: Renen Schorr
Cast: Shahar Segal, Edna Fliedel
Production:Renen Schorr, Doron Nesher, Ilan De Vries
Production Company:Blues Productions, Tel Aviv
Photographer: Eitan Harris
Original Music: Rafi Kadishzon
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Director Renen Schorr presents a timeless Israeli classic set around a group of high school seniors in 1970 who are grappling with issues such as love and grief on the eve of their conscription to the Israeli army, against the backdrop of the War of Attrition that was raging at the time. Late Summer Blues captured the deepest binary tensions that underscored Israeli society in the country’s first fifty years – warring and weeping – and turned them into a gripping and heartwarming teen drama that skillfully and successfully plucks at every heartstring that cherishes and longs for “good ole’ Israel.” Between Doron Nesher’s standout script and some memorable performances by the young ensemble cast (several whom would later go on to become esteemed directors in their own right), as well as the conflict between the individual and the national, and conformity and (civilised) protest – Late Summer Blues that was released in the summer of 1987, captured the forming cracks and fissures in Israeli society that would only deepen in the upcoming First Intifada years, ahead of the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s.

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