הקמתה של להקת פלטינה

4 Minutes, 1974
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Directed by: Boaz Davidson
Photographer: Alex Ben Raf, Adam Greenberg
Subtitles not available

An excerpt from the film Platinum, which was produced by the Israeli Film Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Jewish Agency, tells how the band was formed. Aharon Kaminsky tells how he united new immigrant artists from Russia by combining Israeli artists into a pioneering jazz band in Israel.
Directed by: Boaz Davidson, Screenplay: Tamar Adar, Cinematography: Adam Greenberg, Alex Benerf, Lev Dagan, Amir Ripches, Production Manager: Zeev Zingler, Editing: Alan Jakubowicz, Ruth Freitag, Recording: Amikam Listenberg, Moshe Asherowitz.


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