A Portrait of an Artist: Castel

The Basalt Chapter in Moshe Castels Oeuvre

6 Minutes, 1984
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Directed by: Yona Zaretsky
Production:Igal Efrati, Shmuel Altman
Photographer: Victor Bilukopitov
Original Music: Zvi Avni
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English

A clip from Yona Zarecky’s film which presents a portrait of the renowned Israeli painter Moshe Castel, one of the founders of the Ofakim Hadashim art movement, which marked a new direction for new art in Israel. The film follows Castels development as an Israeli painter along major milestones in his career. In the following clip, Castel describes the chapter in his work known as the Basalt Period, when he was looking for new material and a new form for his work. After visiting the archeological site in Chorazin, Castel decides to work with basalt stones and turn the earth into raw material in his work. Castel argues that for a painting to be innovative and soulful, the artist must express both his mind and his heart in his work of art (director and script: Yona Zarecky, producers: Yigal Efrati and Shmuel Altman, editor: Lina Kadish, cinematography: Victor Belkopitov, narrators: Michael Greenspan and Reuven Miller, soundtrack: Zvi Avni, narration text: Nitza Maliniak)

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