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Directed by: Avshalom Katz
Photographer: Yaakov Saporta
Narrator: Daniel Pe'er
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An excerpt from the film Pilgrimage produced by the Nehora Institute, describes the firstfruits ceremony that was customary during the Second Temple on Pentecost. The narrator relates that the first fruits were taken from the fruits of the seven species and brought to the temple in baskets, where they were placed at the entrance of the temple as a contribution to the priests.
(Screenplay and direction: Avshalom Katz, photography: Yaakov Saporta, editing: Bob Goldman, recording: David Ziv, musical decoration: Moshe Haba, reading: Daniel Beer, consulting: Professor Shmuel Safrai, narrator: Yehezkel Cohen, paintings: Lika Tov)


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