To The Desert

93 Minutes, 2016

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Production Company:Judd Ne'eman Films
Photographer: Tanja Izicovich
Language: Hebrew
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90-year-old war veteran, Moshe Sela, teams up with filmmaker and director, Judd Ne’eman as the two go off on a journey in search of a burial plot for Sela. The two men had a massive falling out three decades earlier over Sela’s involvement in the removal of hundreds of Bedouin families from their lands in Israel’s southern Negev region, after which they would remain estranged for many years. When Ne’eman learns from mutual friends that Sela’s health is declining, an urge awakens in him to reunite with his old friend in an effort to wrap his head around the man’s deeply contradictory nature and way of life which is both so similar and alien to his own, at the same time.

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