Geva Newsreel 114, 1956

Special Combat Newsreel Summarizing the Suez Crisis

9 Minutes, 1956
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Directed by: Unknown
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Israel occupies the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip in an eight-day campaign. A special combat newsreel, courtesy of Israels Defense System Public Relations Unit, documents the course of the Sinai War (Suez Crisis).
Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Dayan converses with officers, and IDFs infantry and motorized forces storm the Sinai Peninsula. Half-tracks shoot with machine guns at an enemy force. At the end of the combats, the defeated Egyptian Army retreats, leaving behind deserted outposts, vehicles, tanks, guns, and corpses of soldiers strewn about the sands. IDF soldiers establish themselves in the peninsula: dig trenches, bandage the wounded, and patrol the occupied cities, including el Abtal, Romaneh, and Rafah. White flags fly above Egyptian tanks and in front of houses in Sinais cities. Many Egyptian prisoners of war are concentrated and walked single file by IDF soldiers. Israeli policemen display a confiscated picture of President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Egyptian military governor of the Gaza Strip, General Mahmoud Fuad El Digaui, submits an instrument of surrender to IDFs Commander of the Southern Command, Colonel Asaf Simhoni. In Sharm El Sheikh, soldiers of the 9th Brigade lineup for a victory ceremony at the end of the campaign. Dayan reviews the soldiers together with Simhoni and the brigades commander, Colonel Avraham Yoffe. Finally, Dayan addresses the soldiers in a speech.

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