Emil Habibi: "I Stayed in Haifa"

62 Minutes, 1997
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Directed by: Dalia Karpel
Production Company:TransFax Film Productions
Photographer: Noam Taich
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic
| Subtitles not available

In the final weeks of his life, Emile Habibi – a former political leader and Israeli Communist Party MP, and one of modern Arab literature’s most prominent writers, embarks on an introspective journey into his past and own identity. The inner tensions that underscore the duality of his life – literature vs. politics, loyalty to his Palestinian people vs. his Israeli-Arab identity, along with his great love for his hometown of Haifa, and the sea that always given him refuge from the political turmoil that has followed him his whole life – all of this is depicted through Habibi’s own point-of-view, as a portrait of the man is gradually sketched into being.


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