Degania Bet - a Glance at a Group

Kadish Luz Talks About Kibbutz Dgania Bet's History

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Directed by: Avshalom Katz
Production:Avshalom Katz
Photographer: Micha Pan
Narrator: Aryeh Orgad
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An excerpt from Degania Bet – a Glance at a Group, a documentary produced by the Jewish National Fund and Histadrut on the 50th anniversary of Kibbutz Degania Bet.
Former Speaker of the Knesset Kadish Luz recalls the establishment of Kibbutz Dgania Bet, of which he is a member: Compared to a certain ideological indifference, which prevails nowadays, we then lived in constant tension, searching for ways to establish agriculture in an unknown land.
(Director: Avshalom Katz; consulters: Shlomo Tanny and David Shlomi)

Persons in segment:

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