May 1st 1978: The Song Never Ends

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A documentary produced by Histadrut to summarize the organization’s activities during Israel’s 30th anniversary.
The film focuses on the show “The Song Still Plays”, produced by Histadrut and the hityashvut ha’ovedet (laboring settlements). Through skits and songs, the show illustrates the history of the Jewish laborers in the Land of Israel since the beginning of the First Aliyah. The texts, written by Yaron London, are performed by the bands Be’ofen Zmani, the Gevatron, and Tzavta, featuring singers Eti Amit, Uzi Meiri, Dafna Zehavi, Dudu Zakai, and others.
Apart from the show, the film documents some of Histadrut’s activities during the past year: the May Day parade in Tel Aviv, helping workers with housing and livelihood issues, carrying out guided tours in War of Independence historical battlefields, the national dance conference, tours of kibbutzim, and ceremonies marking Histadrut’s 58th anniversary.