Carmel Newsreel II-123, June 6, 1953

Another Settler in Sde Boker

2 Minutes, 1953
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Workers in the Negev region drill the ground for water on the backdrop of desert scenery. Hikers walk through Metsoke Dragot. The hikers pause to drink from a water spring. First year anniversary celebrations in the Sde Boker settlement. Young settlers sit in tents and cut wool from sheep. Beer Sheva Mayor David Tuviyahu arrives at the anniversary ceremony. Tuviyahu lectures the settlers. Dancing to the song Zemer, Zemer Lach. Women dancing in traditional dress perform the Water Dance with jugs on their heads. Costumed men dance the Stick Dance. The men and women dance together. A flock of sheep leaves to pasture.

Persons in segment:

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