Carmel Newsreel II-004, September 18, 1948

Jaffa Surrenders to Israel, May 13th, 1948

2 Minutes, 1948
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

Arab porters unloading boats at Jaffa Port. Sandbags and a crane at a construction site. A sign in Hebrew and Arabic with the caption: Jaffa Workers Club. Cars and horse-carts driving in the streets. Coffeehouses with hooka smokers and buildings. British soldiers walking in the street. People at an unidentified office. Interaction between Arab and Israeli officials. Arab officials enter a building. Hebrew newspapers of May 13th 1948 with the headline: Jaffa surrenders to Tel Aviv. British soldiers a local park. Arab, Israeli and British officials exit a building and drive away as a local crowd observes. The clock tower. The old city. An Israeli flag and sandbags at a courtyard where Israeli soldiers and British soldiers are lined up facing each other.

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