Carmel Newsreel II-011, January 8, 1949

Torch-Bearing Journey from Modiin to Jerusalem

2 Minutes, 1949
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Youths in matching uniform march the streets of Tel Aviv with Israeli flags, as spectators watch from the roadside. Youths stand in rows at attention. A man speaks to the youths, official representatives standing alongside him. A group of youths march with a torch between the rows. Youths stand with Israeli flags. The torch-bearer walks past a flag marked with Elizur Sports Association, and passes the torch to the Religious Affairs Ministry delegate Shmuel Zanwill Kahana. Kahana passes the torch to other officials delegates. The youths enter the synagogues in cues, while carrying flags, banners and torches. Trucks with Elitzur members and Israeli flags drive on a road to Jerusalem. Youths march in line in Ramla. Youths stand at attention with Israel and Elitzur flags as the county commander greets the Minister of Religious Affairs Yehuda Leib (Fishman) Maimon and his entourage. Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Herzog prays an afternoon prayer with a minyan on the Jerusalem hills. The rabbi and his entourage await the Elitzur member trucks, which pass them by on the Hagevura Road (the Latrun Bypass). Youths march with Israeli and Elitzur flags on the road to greet the rabbi. The youth commander greets the rabbi with a speech, and the rabbi replies. Youths stand at attention with Israeli flags. Trucks full of Elitzur members head out. Spectators await on the sides of a road in Jerusalem. Policemen await by motorcycles. A police motorcycle leads a convoy of cars with torches between the spectators. The greeters sing Maoz Zur in honor of the convoy.

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