Carmel Newsreel II-008, November 27, 1948

In Preparation for Aviation Week in Lod

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Buildings at the airport in Lod. Minister David Remez speaking. Airport employees gathering. Air traffic controllers at work. Aerial footage of landscapes and cities. Man with model of bird explaining principles of aviation to youths, who then build model airplanes. Youths pull a light aircraft outdoors with a donkey. An airplane with Israeli and Czechoslovakian flags lands at the airport. New immigrants disembark from the airplane and are greeted by relatives. Pilots in a briefing stand over a map. Pilots and onlookers at the airport. Airlifts during the Tower and Stockade era: an aerial view of a Tower and Stockade settlement; woman with binoculars looking at the sky; an aircraft circling above the settlement tower, as a pilot tosses out a package and children run to collect it. The Israeli Air Force Aviation School. Pilots entering planes. Planes take off. Flying Youth Brigade (Ganat). Youths in pre-military training marching with guns.

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