Carmel Newsreel I-164, December 3, 1938

The Life of Hanoar Haoved in Naan

8 Minutes, 1938
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Tel Aviv neighborhoods. Various parts of Tel Aviv lit up at night. A boy sleeping on a bench in the park. Another boy sleeping inside a large pipe, another sleeping on the floor. Children crowded together in a room. A little boy wakes up and starts to put on his socks with holes in them. Youths gathered at a Hanoar Haoved meeting listen attentively to a female counselor. At the gathering in Ben Shemen. A male counselor reads out loud from a book. Youths go up the outer stairs of a building. The youths working on various machines at the Max Fein Vocational school. Boys working in the carpentry workshop. A boy working in the garage. Soldering. Young women cutting and sewing. Boys fixing boats and performing various nautical duties. Young women working with children at day-care. Mechanical work on vehicles. At the instructional farm; harvesting, trimming, working with the cows, milking. Picking fruit in the orchard. Girl sing-along. Group confidence building games. Group calisthenics. Practical exercises practice including scaling a wooden wall and carrying the wounded on planks. The youths marching. The youths practice signal with flags. A girl is standing near spotlight, two boys beside her. One of them is writing the signal. Kibbutz Naan. Youths sitting near a table and taking notes from the counselor at the seminar. Two girls reading. Students sitting near desks in a classroom. Studying and eating at the same time. Children writing on the blackboard. Handing out books in the library. A soccer game. Running and playing near bicycle riders. A female counselor addressing the youth and telling them about the benefits of the Hanoar Haoved program.

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