Carmel Newsreel I-220, June 1, 1940

Zionist Youth Activity Across the Country

5 Minutes, 1940
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Zionist youth activity across the country. Page from a letter in Herzls handwriting addressed to the young pupils. Members of the Maccabi Hatzair youth movement marching and performing exercises in a stadium. Members of the Boy Scout movement in a roll call in their camp. Members of the Hapoel movement participate in a parade. Members of the Zevulun Seafaring Society youth movement rowing boats and standing in rows in a roll call. Young members of the Betar movement march in uniform. Young men and women work on construction sites and factories. Teens sleep in a shack, wake up and leave. Two of the teens pull a cart to which the sign Market Taxi is affixed. One boy sells newspapers and another boy work as a shoe shiner. Teenagers visiting an exhibition about Zionist youth in the Diaspora. A teacher holds a lesson in the outdoors with a group of teenagers. Maccabi Hatzairs camp in Kiryat Ariye. The teenagers of the camp participate in various activities such as a first aid station, cooking on an open fire, and exercising in the woods. Members of youth movements pass by and then the names of all Zionist youth movements are displayed.

Persons in segment:

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