Carmel Newsreel I-075, February 21, 1937

Adloyada and Purim Celebrations in Tel Aviv 1934

11 Minutes, 1937
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles not available

Preparations for the Purim celebrations and the Adloyada Parade in Tel Aviv. People build floats and giant dolls. The townhouses, balconies, streets, and bridges are decorated with large paintings. A man reads in the Scroll of Esther. Children in various costumes dance and play. The Purim celebrations begin. Thousands of people gather in the city squares as an orchestra plays on stage. Children in customs and adults cheering and waving flags. The newspaper headlines show news of the situation in Europe and ads of Purim balls. The parade begins. The firemens band leads the procession, followed by police mounted horses. The balconies and rooftops are crowded with people who came to watch the parade. The first part of the procession is devoted to various biblical topics such as tribes of Israel in ancient times, Song of Moses, Song of Deborah and the Temple. A firework show concludes the festivities.

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