Wadi Grand Canyon

87 Minutes, 2001
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Directed by: Amos Gitai
Production Company:Agav Productions
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic
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Amos Gitai returns to Haifa’s Wadi Rushmia neighbourhood – twenty years after he first began filming it in his 1981 film, Wadi, and a decade following its sequel, Wadi 1981-1991. In 1948, after the Israeli War of Independence, the majority of the neighbourhood’s predominantly Palestinian population all fled the area that was subsequently repopulated by Eastern European and North African Jewish immigrants, as well as a host of Palestinian refugees. In the 1990s, they were joined by new immigrants from the former USSR. Now, the area is descended upon by bulldozers that are gearing up to the get the ground ready for the impending construction of a monstrous shopping centre by the name of Grand Canyon. Gitai chronicles the Wadi and its residents in an effort to make sense of all the changes faced by the locals, who are of course also well aware of the greater geo-political shifts in the region.

לאסופה "עמוס גיתאי: הארכיטקט של האמנות השביעית"

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