Possibilities or, Bluebeard and Me

47 Minutes, 1983
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Directed by: Raquel Chalfi
Production:Raquel Chalfi
Production Company:Herzliya Studios
Photographer: Gadi Danzig, Ellie Sarid, Yachin Hirsh
Language: Hebrew
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Raquel Chalfi’s film is based on the famous legend of Bluebeard; the same wealthy, bearded man who is said to have killed off his wives, one after the other, and preserved their bodies. However, in the film the characters are in fact mannequins that undergo a series of violent abuse and mutilations – from amputations and being thrown off a mountaintop, to waterboarding, etc. What is more, the film itself features no bearded main protagonist but rather, scenes from Israeli life intermingled with a dream state, and a primordial reality interwoven with a myth.

עיתונות יהודית היסטורית

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