The Road to Where

1 hour and 36 Minutes and 6 seconds , 2016
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In 1948 Jaffa, a seaside house whose Arab occupants fled in a panic during the war, becomes the home of Jewish Holocaust survivors who had escaped the inferno in Europe. Embattled, hurting people who’ve been displaced from everything they have ever known, are now penniless in a foreign country, where they must endure a daily struggle to survive. The housing crisis has forced several families into sharing the one flat – one room per family, with a communal kitchen and bathroom. They long and ache for their old world – now in ruins – whilst clinging onto dreams of a new life and above all else, yearning for love. Long-time director, Michal Bat-Adam, weaves fragmented narratives and shreds of life into a visual poem that waxes existential about the very essence of our being.

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