52 Minutes, 1994
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Directed by: Anat Even
Production:Ilan Yagoda
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Uri Shtinmatz
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In Hebrew, ‘Duda’ is slang for a strong craving – and in the context of this film, a strong craving for drugs. Anat Even’s film follows Sagiv, Ilan, and Shula – three drug addicts who are admitted to a Spanish rehabilitation centre. The film’s protagonists meet with Even over a period of time, from their early days at the facility and the excruciating craving for ‘a fix’ that underscores the physical detox process, to the emotional and psychological withdrawal from this external force that has been dominating their lives. The three protagonists speak to the camera with tremendous candour, moving between despair and hope in their journey and efforts to be rid of drugs once and for all, and be reborn clean and sober.

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